I took a deep breath and rubbed my hands together to get rid of any nervousness. Looked long and hard at my left hand knowing that in a matter of minutes my life would change forever. I was about to marry my best friend.. FINALLY! All the planning, sleepless nights and hours of working overtime have come to this moment.

That perfect day went by so fast. People say all the time "make sure you take in each moment, before you realize it will be gone!" That's what I thought too. That is until I seen our wedding album!

Looking back through pictures I could smell my wife's perfume. I could feel the knife slicing through the butter cream fondant of our wedding cake. Through pictures I can feel the sweat on my forehead from dancing all night. In that moment I subconsciously feel in love with photography.

Having the ability to allow a family to relive that moment means the world to me. It's my obligation to Love, to return the favor. Yes, I am obligated to Love. To help keep love innocent and vibrant!

Years later, as I sit with my wife and two beautiful daughters, we look back on that wonderful moment in time. At the end of the day that's what it's all about right?  Allowing generations of the future to look back and see that they were brought into this world based solely on love.

A hopeless romantic with a camera.. this is Chris Braggs.