That's such a complex question. I'm still trying to figure out the answer to that myself.

I can say I like to think of myself as a storyteller. A provoker of emotion. I want to make you FEEL something with every image. If it's cold outside I want to convey that in the capture. If I've done my job then you should feel a chill down your spine, as I did what I hit the shutter button. If I have done my job then you should feel the warmth of the evening sun on your face. Allow the wind to blow through your hair with just a glance of a photo. If it's a video, I want you to be able to close your eyes and actually smell the salt water from the sea!

I want to give someone who may not feel comfortable in front of a camera, an experiance like nothing they have ever had before. Let them see themselves in a way they never thought possible. I hear it a few times during a shoot, "Man bro, I'm no model but you have me looking like a star!" Nothing is more gratifying then seeing the reaction when a client sees themselves the way the rest of the world may see them. My job is easy, all I have to do is make sure your eyes are open soon as I press the button! All you have to do is just give me the opportunity. 

Who is Chris? A student first. I study surroundings. I pay attention to details. I take the same route everyday to pick up my daughters from the sitter and school. Only because I pass a field full of weeds. But when the wind blows hard enough, that ugly field looks like the sea! I've always found the beauty in what could be considered ugly or boring. Everyone won't get it. But it's my job to force you to feel something. To provoke some sort of emotion. The same car that has been rusting for years, I want to somehow show you its history. The stories that car can tell. The family road trips that it has provided. Maybe a son's first driving experience. Maybe a proposal. Possibly the last possession your father took pride in before he passed. All those stories in one photo.

I just love life. I love the ability to provide something back to the world. To keep people FEELING something. To remind some about love, or the possibilities of love. To make you crave a bottle of wine, because you seen a picture of one being poured. A lover of Love. A lover of freedom. A lover of creativity.